Dan Kaplan (kaplanphotos)

Bonneville Speed Week 2016 has ended with 1000's of photos!!!!.... but I came home to no internet connectivity.... technician can't be here till the 23rd!!! so keep checking in

Exicting March Meet to say the least!!! Hot Rod Magazine's July 2012 issue has 3 pages of my photos of the War Horse Nostalgia Funny Car losing its body and Denver Schutz's Top Fuel Dragster hitting the wall!!

GREAT NEWS!!!!! TO HELP STIMULATE THE ECONOMY, I'VE SLASHED PRICES FOR EVERYTHING!!!! The cost for 8 x 10's is now 33% lower :-)

I can be contacted directly at 503.559.7595 or by email: dan@kaplanphotos.com if you have any questions or comments. I will be adding several years of March Meet and Calif. Hot Rod Reunion photos, so please keep checking in....



*** A little reminder...., these pictures are full frame and some sizes, such as 8 x 10 require cropping ***

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